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March 21, 2012
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Sands of Time by frenchfox Sands of Time by frenchfox
Here's a surreal scene with the theme of time; time impalpable and yet is present in our lives, invisible enemy that hangs over our heads and inexorably reels off his eternal sand.

I dedicate this photomanipulation to our friend Kris :iconlostknightkg: . The inspiration to create this image came to me in discovering his group :iconthe-timekeepers: !

I hope you will like this surreal scene and thank you for your visit ! :)


Image made with following resources :

The girl : by :iconfaestock:
Hourglass : by :icondigitaloracle:
Dune of sand :… by :iconmomotte2stocks:
Big Ben :… by :iconrensstocknstuff:
Forest : by :icongd08: and by :icondbszabo1:
Roman numbers : made with Vany font and the texture : by :iconjaqx-textures:
Sand brush : by :iconredheadstock:
Hole in sky : by :iconskulpt:
Texture : by :iconaeonoftime:


Kindly featured :… by :iconmomotte2stocks: .....… by :iconkaysthoughts: .....… by :iconj3ff3rson: .....… by :iconphilippel: .....… by :iconsaretta1: .....… by :iconlostknightkg: .....… by :iconhippievan57: ....… by :iconchryssalis: .....… by :iconscheinbar: .....… by :iconjuno-janus:… by :iconsilenigmaarts:… by :iconourarea51: .....… by :iconfloriaiglenoir: .....… by :iconrickblade34: .....
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rickblade34 Oct 27, 2013  Hobbyist Photographer

Surprised I missed this one until now!


Time? Where do you start (no pun intended here).

If the scientists have it right at the moment of the big bang all matter and time

did not exist. It's a hard concept to accept in a rational mind, one that uses time everyday of our lives. We measure it and race against it, but what is it exactly? It's not made of anything, you can't see it or smell it or feel it, though it's there every day of existence.


Your representation here is superb, a diagonal theme of ages like mile-stones of time going off into the far horizon. That theme grasps what time is perfectly. The sweet spot in the present, the past at our backs, and the future way ahead and obscured by the distance. I'm also feeling a slight Egyptian flavour here too with the sea and sand.


Once again your images have inspired!


:) :) :)

as always, your comment is inspired and thoughtful! Indeed, time is elusive, it is measured, is quantified, but it can not be seen. Only its effects are visible!
That is why this work is so "dreamy", time is represented greater than us, and takes us on a destiny, though mysterious, nonetheless!
thank you very much, my friend!
Really interesting. Like it a lot.
thank you , I'm happy you've loved it ! :thanks:
caddman Sep 7, 2013  Professional General Artist
..There a mystic charm about this pic and I like it...nice work...:clap:
I cant believe how realistic shadows look! Great work!
Thank you for your compliment ! :bow:
Wow!!!! c'est fantastique, vraiment fantastique, mon ami Renard!!!! :clap::clap:
Je suis très heureux que tu aimes cette image , merci beaucoup mon amie ! :hug:
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